Risk Management

Minimise your company's electronic communication risk before it becomes an issue with Lexyfi’s AI-powered assistant.


Lexyfi is an AI-powered assistant that flags potential risks on electronic communication in real-time.

Prevent risk

Avoid unintended mistakes that expose you to risks that can have costly consequences

Provide ongoing training

Educate employees on their professional conduct by providing continuous training

Increase productivity

Save valuable time and money and increase the capacity of your in-house team



Lexyfi leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to prevent risks in real time, provide ongoing, on-the-job training, and increase trust and productivity within your organisation.


Educate employees on risk mitigation

With electronic communication now the lifeblood of organisations, it’s easy to make mistakes without being aware of the risks involved. Lexyfi takes a proactive approach, providing on-the-job training in real time.

Educate employees blue 1-1

Identify risks across your electronic communication channels

Lexyfi takes a comprehensive approach to risk so that you and your employees are covered across all your electronic communication channels.

A win-win for you and your employees

Prevent risks from turning into litigation, save time and money, protect your reputation, and nurture a professional company culture.


With hybrid working becoming the new normal, Lexyfi becomes a necessity for companies looking to protect themselves and their employees.


About Us

We help companies prevent legal and compliance risks proactively by leveraging the power of AI.

Our vision is to create a world where electronic communication is an asset, not a liability.


Meet the team

Cristian Gherhes

Cristian Gherhes, PhD

Founder & CEO

Natasha Pearman

Natasha Pearman



Our Values: GRRIT

We value GRRIT. We are Genuine, Reliable, Relentless, Innovative, Trustworthy.

These values are embedded in everything that we do at Lexyfi, from product development and design to customer engagement and service. They guide our recruitment and selection and serve as a compass for the organisation.


Communication should be an asset, not a liability

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